Monday, 13 October 2014


Hat - Dark Horse Kimono - Thrifted Dress - Mr Price Shoes - TopshopSA 

My first blog post with my new hair haha. Felt so strange not having my hair to wrap over my face in the wind, my hair was my comfort zone with photos. Since my hair is all gone now, I have resided to a new attachment, my hat. It's actually a guy's hat. I love it none the less and it goes everywhere with me (keeps the mane in order) Hope everyone turns their blue Monday into Black! x

Monday, 29 September 2014


Some photos from my instagram, sorry for being absent for a while, I cut off all my hair!!! I saw a picture I liked on the Wednesday and went to the hairdresser the day after. I have gone platinum blonde before, but never this short! Its's fun though, I like it. I don't really have a fashion theme on my IG feed, but I am slowly moving in that direction. At the moment it's a bit all over the show. I always use P5 preset on VScoCam, I dig the pastel feel to it. Bless x

Monday, 11 August 2014


Jacket - Vintage Lover
 Dress - Mr Price
Shoes - Mr Price

I bought my very first 90s patch denim jacket next to nothing at The Vintage Experience about a year ago. It's probably the most versatile item of clothing that I have. I have matched it with a black and white patterned shift dress that I bought at Mr Price and threw on my usual socks and shoes.